This (and all the others) are still in draft form. I’d appreciate thoughts as far as structure goes!


I made my reason
subject to desire

But I am set free
through this awful fire

All these burns remind me
Never to return
Hell awaits behind me
If for Hell I yearn

I’m not ungrateful for the pain
I’ll never be the same now that I cannot fly

My hearts so heavy I am grounded
I won’t be caught up into the dark night sky

I’ve built this altar
Here in the wasteland

For all who falter
when the flame is fanned

All these burns remind me
Never to return
Hell awaits behind me
If for it I yearn

A story burning it’s own pages
So it might assuage our darkened minds

The glory of of a broken heart
that had a chance to start
again refined


One thought on “Wasteland

  1. love your voice, great guitar. i think the song structure is good. if I were to say anything that would be constructive criticism is i might go back to the same structure that you had at the very beginning of the song to repeat at the end, itself also having that tag line…
    if you were pitching to a publisher, which may not even be the route you are looking to take, they would say that the song needs a beginning middle & end and have some sort of story so people could understand / relate to the story/ song. I dont write or follow that rule myself & there are certainly many hit songs that dont…personally I really think you have talent. i love the way you use your high vocals & it makes the song move nicely. Keep up the good work. keep putting it out there and sharing.

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