About the Authors

Kristen Wegener, a native Bellinghamster, was evangelical for 18 years until she entered the Catholic Church, an event which can no longer be termed exactly “recent.” She has a BA in history and special interests in medieval society and Church history (especially anything within the matrix of ritual, liturgy, and sacred architecture), and spends a lot of time thinking about how modern living came to be. In between buying books, she teaches ancient and medieval history in Phoenix.

Aric Nesheim is a songwriter and will periodically (and shamelessly) promote his music here along with other thoughts. He has a BA in the humanities and, oddly, is not a barista.

Brandon Rappuhn is now Brother Damien-Joseph at Saint Martin’s Abbey (http://www.saintmartinsabbey.org/) in Lacey, WA. As a novice, he is undergoing monastic formation and training, studying the Psalms, monastic history, church teaching related to religious life, and spirituality.

Brody Stewart has conquered galaxies, ruled empires, and saved the world countless times—all from the comfort of a living-room table. In between his delusions of grandeur, he can be found attending Mass, teaching RCIA, and discussing the finer points of theology, philosophy, and politics. 


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