I Am?


I tried to read poetry
but couldn’t remember a verse
And what good are words
if they fly off like birds
But this is a gift, not a curse

No excuse for laziness
But In never learned how to read
And I refuse to change my ways
I’ve got everything that I need

I wanted a family
but I couldn’t spare the expense
and what good are kids
if I’m not happy with
the weight of my dollars and cents?

No regrets for working hard
I spent all my hours as I should
Face to face with faceless men
securing my ultimate good

I’m building a legacy
that’s how I’m going to live on
performing tricks and collecting clicks
remember to like when I’m gone

No idea who I’ve become
Though I am a self-made man
Who are we? And who really cares?
I’m sure that I am that I am